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[Lynda.com] Premiere Pro CC 2017 Essential Training The Basics | Курсы онлайн школ, онлайн обучение, скачать актуальные курсы по лучшей цене

[Lynda.com] Premiere Pro CC 2017 Essential Training The Basics

Автор: Lynda.com
Название: Premiere Pro CC 2017 Essential Training The Basics

Get started with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017. This beginning-level course takes you through the basic ins and outs of Premiere Pro CC 2017. Using a project-based approach, senior staff author Ashley Kennedy teaches editing by blending technical and aesthetic instruction. She begins by taking you on a tour of the interface, and then goes through the entire post-production processùincluding ingest, organization, editing, refining, audio editing, basic effects, color correction, titling, output, and more. This is the first part of a two-part series. The second installment explores more intermediate techniques.
Topics include:
  • Touring the Premiere Pro interface
  • Asset organization and project management
  • Basic editing
  • Trimming and refining
  • Basic audio editing
  • Working with stills and graphics
  • Basic effects
  • Manipulating clip speed
  • Using automatic and basic color correction tools
  • Working with titles
  • Sharing and exporting

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