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[Вадим Сайфутдинов, Анатолий Сотников] Chat GPT и 1С. Обмен между Chat GPT и 1С через API (2024) | Курсы онлайн школ, онлайн обучение, скачать актуальные курсы по лучшей цене

[Вадим Сайфутдинов, Анатолий Сотников] Chat GPT и 1С. Обмен между Chat GPT и 1С через API (2024)


Вадим Сайфутдинов, Анатолий Сотников Chat GPT и 1С. Обмен между Chat GPT и 1С через API (2024)


Содержание мини курса
Пошаговая система обучения Обмен между 1С и Chat GPT
Пошаговый курс обучения, как использовать искусственный интеллект на практике, как из 1С отправлять запросы к CHATGPT.
1. Введение. Регистрация ChatGPT бота, установка VPN и вводные моменты.
2. Интерфейс CHAT GPT, отличие бесплатной версии CHATGPT 3.5 от платной версии 4.0.
3.Сервисы для доступа к ChatGPT без VPN, иностранных номеров.
4. Пример работы ChatGPT, написание кода 1С за Программиста.
5.Начало работы с бесплатным API Chat GPT,получение токена для 1С.
6.Как использовать API ChatGPT в своих разработках?
7. Оплата ChatGPT API из России. Получение API ключа. Узнаете как за 5 минут получить зарубежную карту для оплаты!
8. Создание 1С обработки для обмена с CHATGPT через API
9. Создание расширения 1С для заполнения описания товара через API ChatGpt.
10. Пример работы Telegram бота(1C) c ChatGPT через API

Что такое CHAT GPT?
ChatGPT (от англ. Generative Pre-trained Transformer «генеративный предварительно обученный трансформер») — чат-бот с генеративным искусственным интеллектом, разработанный компанией OpenAI и способный работать в диалоговом режиме, поддерживающий запросы на естественных языках.

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For people who admire the charm of designer handbags but shudder at the steep price, imitation handbags present an appealing alternative. This post explores the secrets of the imitation handbag industry, highlighting its draw to fashion enthusiasts and luxury lovers alike. From understanding what fake handbags are to suggestions for executing smart acquisitions, we'll cover everything you want to understand to enjoy in fashion without breaking the budget.
Replica handbags are premium copies of designer handbags, designed to closely closely mimic the originals. Although these bags may not carry an authentic label name, these imitations typically mirror the same design, materials, and quality of with their much costly originals.
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Caliber and Craftsmanship

Opposite to popular belief, numerous fake bags are created with meticulous attention on details. Expert craftsmen utilize high-quality resources to guarantee that the replicas possess the comparable look as well as texture to the original designer products.

Availability and Variety

wide. latest.Ethical Considerations

While replica purses provide an budget-friendly way to enjoy high-end fashion, it's essential to recognize the implications. The making and sale of replica replica bags might violate upon intellectual property, posing issues concerning the morality ethics of purchasing and owning them.Access to Luxury Designs

Motives Choose Fake Bags?

Replica bags have garnered a notable significant audience within fashion aficionados for many compelling arguments. Below, we explore discuss why such such chic alternatives have become so popular popular.


One of the most most clear advantages of fake replica bags is. Well-made fakes can provide the same same visual pleasure as genuine authentic high-end purses without the high high cost.

Imitation bags enable this feasible so fashion lovers to appreciate the newest high-end designs, regardless to budget restrictions. This availability allows additional individuals to engage with high fashion and express one's style.Experimentation Without Commitment

For those whom enjoy experimenting with different styles, purses offer an opportunity to explore various styles without without financial investment. This flexibility is especially especially to fashionable individuals individuals who love their looks their looks.How to Spot the High-Quality Replica Bagplica bags.

Exploring this replica handbag industry may be challenging, however armed with proper correct knowledge, one will easily make wise purchases. Below are some suggestions for spotting high-quality re

Material and Stitching

Pay close attention to the materials used and the quality of the stitching. High-quality replicas often use genuine leather or premium synthetic alternatives and exhibit clean, precise stitching.

Equipment & Details

Examine the components, like fasteners, buckles, and emblems. Top-notch imitations feature hardware that nearly matches that of the authentic brand-name bags, with without rough edges or poorly finished details.

Though replica bags can't legally employ the precise trademark of the genuine items, some might feature subtle details that imitate the design elements of luxury labels. Check for these elements to determine the accuracy of the copy.Popular Replica Bag Brands

Certain companies are well-known known for top-quality replicas, offering style fans an diverse selection of stylish alternatives. Here showcase a few of the most top sought-after copy purse brands.

AAA Bags Handbags is known for making crafting some of the top imitations out there. Their products items feature remarkable care to precision and craftsmanship, which makes them them among replica enthusiasts.

Purse Products sells a wide variety of copy handbags, like styles inspired on top high-end labels. With a focus on excellence and customer shopper satisfaction, they've built established a strong name in the imitation purse community.

Discreet Designer Discreet focuses on making premium imitations that closely imitate the original items. Their lineup range includes handbags from famous brands, providing clothing fans with plenty of selections.

An Skill in Designing Fake Handbags

Replica bags can seamlessly integrate into any closet, enabling you to create chic and trendy outfits. Below are some tips for adding fake handbags into your wardrobe repertoire.Handling with Care

Pairing with Traditional Attire

A classic attire, such as a black dress or a fitted costume, can be improved with a carefully selected replica handbag. Opt for timeless styles that enhance your outfit and inject a touch of class.

Mixing Haute plus Low Style

Match premium replica purses alongside budget-friendly style items to create a well-rounded and trendy ensemble. This approach enables you to showcase your fashion while staying economical.

Accessorizing with Assurance

When pairing replica bags, confidence is key. Manage your replica purse with equal consideration and dignity as you would a authentic branded article, and it will elevate your overall look.

Caring the Replica Purse

Appropriate maintenance and upkeep are necessary to ensure your replica handbag being its best. Follow these hints to maintain its longevity.

Consistent Tidying

Clean your replica bag regularly with a soft cloth and soft cleaning solution. Steer clear of harsh chemicals that can ruin the material or shade.

Keeping Hints

Keep your replica purse in a chilly, moisture-free location, not in straight light. Use protective bags or mild cloths to safeguard it from dust and scuffs.

Handle your imitation purse carefully, keeping away from abrasive areas and overloading. It can assist maintain the form and prevent any harm.

Replica handbags provide a affordable alternative to luxury designer pieces without having to sacrificing fashion or quality. By using proper fashion styling & care, they can seamlessly integrate into any any style closet, which makes them the popular choice among fashion enthusiasts. Regardless if you are searching for the timeless design & the trendy statement piece, there are many well-known imitation bag brands which offer high-quality options to suit every taste. Therefore go ahead to include a few stylish imitations to your wardrobe - none can notice the variation.The Social Aspect of Replica Bags

Treat your own imitation purse with attention, by avoiding overloading it with with weighty items. This may assist preserve the form and prevent wearing & tearing.

Replica bags aren't not concerning fashion; they additionally encourage an sense of camaraderie among fans. In this article, we explore the societal aspects of having and discussing fake handbags.Online Communities

Several digital groups & discussion boards are dedicated to discussing copy handbags, where fans share tips, critiques, and suggestions. These platforms offer valuable insight & assistance to individuals navigating the replica sector.In-Person Meetups

Some replica bag enthusiasts arrange in-person gatherings in order to display their own collections and discuss their love for fashion. Such meetings provide chances to connect with similar people and exchange ideas.Influencers and Reviews

Bloggers and bloggers frequently evaluate replica bags, offering genuine feedback as well as contrasts to authentic designer pieces. Following these reviews could help you in making well-informed choices regarding your buying.Legal and Ethical Considerations

Grasping the legal as well as ethical facets concerning acquiring imitation bags is vital for making well-informed choices. Here, we address some common issues.Intellectual Property Rights

Replica handbags might violate upon the creative rights assets of luxury companies. Be mindful of the legal repercussions and potential hazards linked to buying and owning replicas.Ethical Shopping

Think about the ethical consequences of supporting the replica handbag industry. Although it offers affordable alternatives, it might also lead to exploitative work practices and ecological issues.Making Informed Choices

Future Patterns in Knockoff Bags

A imitation handbag sector is constantly constantly evolving, with new trends and innovations emerging. In this article, we will explore some potential future developments.

Green ComponentsConclusion

As environmental responsibility turns into a increasing concern, the imitation handbag industry could shift in the direction of using eco-friendly components. This change may attract to green-minded consumers and reduce the industry's eco-impact.

State-of-the-art Innovation

Developments in technology, like three-dimensional printing, might revolutionize the manufacturing of replica purses. These advancements could produce even better copies that are challenging to tell apart from the real ones.

Shifting Buyer Perspectives

Customer attitudes towards copy handbags may persist to change, with more embrace and valuing for high-quality replicas. This transition may boost demand and shape industry patterns.

Replica bags offer a stylish and affordable alternative for fashion enthusiasts and luxury lovers. By understanding the intricacies of the replica bag market, you can make informed choices and enjoy the benefits of high-quality imitations. Whether you're drawn to the affordability, variety, or the ability to experiment with different styles, replica bags provide a gateway to the world of luxury fashion*.

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